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why ralph lauren will again be a leading brand

by:QiMeng     2019-09-03
There are many topics about Ralph Lauren.
Some people ask if the brand has not kept up with the changes of the times.
The store has been worried.
Some spaces do not generate benefits, resulting in a reduction in the allocated sales space.
I think a lot has happened in the past few months in order to improve the company\'s prospects.
Here I have listed some of the reasons why I think this iconic brand will continue to be a pillar of American fashion.
I believe that under the new leadership, the brand will usher in new growth.
In August, at 2016 Olympic Games in Rio, Brazil, we will see athletes wearing Ralph Lauren\'s design again. Mr.
Lauren designs clothes for the first two Olympic Games
London and Beijing)as well.
This is exciting because the brand is unique and has a lot to do with the US.
The appearance at the Olympic Games strengthened the brand for the audience.
Management expects sales and revenue to be disappointing this year as the restructuring takes time.
Ralph Lauren may become a smaller company in the future, while becoming more powerful in design and fashion influence.
Stefan Larsson is the right person to re-ignite the company\'s momentum at the right time.
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