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why should girls have all the fun?

by:QiMeng     2019-09-03
Move in, ladies.
If you think that bright neon jackets, floral shirts and tight red pants are not suitable for your man, you may not have noticed the metamorphosis of stylish Indian men yet.
From playing safely with \"male\" colors, textures, and designs, to raiding your wardrobe calmly and calmly, the stylish Indian male in 2012 has undergone dramatic transformation.
Electric hug T-shirt, plaid shirt, printed with a loud print diluted with elegant cotton or linen jacket, paired with tapered parrot green or blood red pants, he uncovers the envelope.
Inspired by the Olympics, Indian men embraced the latest spring --
The summer collection of international fashion giants du jiabana, Armani Versace Bottega Veneta, Hermes, Louis Vuitton, Fendi, Zegna, Roberto Cavalli, unprecedented.
Opening of the London Olympics, spring-
Summer seeks inspiration from the Olympic spirit.
The palette consists of cheerful oranges, yellow, purple and turquoise.
Tobacco Brown diluted with neutral substances is one of the more traditional combinations, and bold horizontal stripes and loud prints are the hot topics of the season.
Monica Oswar of Monte Carlo Fashion said, \"the horizontal stripes are well received by the Indian market because they leave the illusion of a wider, larger upper body, in the thinner
\"The stripes are more bold and wild, while floral and foulard prints sparkle.
The model Rishi Miglani said: \"I like to wear a shirt with a floral pattern and a casual denims.
Rock editor Victoria Sharma
In said, \"from red to electric blue and vibrant green, the relaxed feel and clear outline of chino attract the love of our boys.
Actor Osho Duggal agrees with Sharma.
\"India has become an experimental market and our men are no longer shy or conservative about sports fashion shoes, accessories and hats,\" Duggal said . \".
The model Praia Mann believes that the bright suit is a compliment to the skin of Indian men.
\"The pants have also been re-invented.
They are wider from the top and thinner from the bottom.
Many European designers have switched from straight cone mounting to wider cone mounting.
I like this new trend because these pants are much more comfortable than their predecessors.
Actor Mukul Dev agrees with the dress style of the South European people.
\"I wore a lot of crisp cotton shirts, bright T-shirts and shorts.
I love the latest collection of combined colors from Polo Lauren, Gap and Benetton.
Sujal Shah, CEO of Freecultr, an online shopping portal, feels moccasins and bright blue casual shoes are surprisingly popular in India.
Performance of the season
With bright T-
Shirt or double
Breasted summer suit jacket with shorts is a clear and unmistakable performance-
Stealing things this season
\"Partnering Bermudas with a cotton T-shirt or plaid shirt is ideal for summer,\" added Oswal . \".
Actor Shahwar Ali also likes to dress in casual fashion.
\"White still has a strong appeal to the latest collection.
White pajamas with a white shirt or V-necked white T-
The shirt works for me.
Ali said: \"The more simple the appearance, the more naked, the more sexy . \".
Model-born actors Tarun Arora and Ali are on the same page. “Less is more.
Linen pants with a soft and airy T-shirt
Shirts and trendy casual shoes work well on formal, semi-formal occasions
Formal and informal occasions.
Arora recommends that you wear an elegant linen jacket to make the nude look formal.
There is a length of fashion competition this year.
That means shorter jackets and cropped pants. stage.
Shiraz Bhavnani of FCUK, India said: \"make a statement with a plain slim pants that fit like a dress pants . \".
\"This slim cargo pants is classic.
You may already have army green: try the color of slate blue, cement or dusty now. \"She suggested.
\"Look at new varieties with thinner, lightweight motorcycle jackets that contrast sleeves or no sleeves.
\"This is a multi-functional mix between smart and casual look,\" Sharma concluded . \".
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