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wider image - triple murder shakes colony of deaf people in rural haiti

by:QiMeng     2019-09-23
Levkui, Haiti (Reuters)-
A triple murder rocked the village of Leveque in rural Haiti, testing the community and security of a large number of deaf families in the area who were placed there after the devastating earthquake six years ago.
Three deaf women Vanessa Preville, Monique Vincent and Jesula Green were murdered while trying to get home from the port of the capitalau-
Prince March seems chilling to remind people that many people in the village have even grown up with this prejudice and superstition in their own homes.
After the earthquake, it was built by the US hope delegation. S.
Religious charity, and a high proportion of 615 deaf families, Leveque\'s moderate tin-
In an external world that is often hostile, houses with roofs and unpaved streets have become a place of tolerance.
Some residents who remember being abused by their parents and separated from other children when they were young are free to be themselves here.
After the earthquake destroyed their home in the port, a total of 115 houses were allocated to deaf families. au-
Elsewhere in the Caribbean countries.
While some Haitian businesses regard deaf people as good workers, they also face discrimination because they are superstitious about the mental control or punishment of persons with disabilities.
In Levek, schools and churches use Haitian creole sign language and Creole spoken language, and deaf residents run small businesses including carpentry and jewelry --
Depart from a quiet colony.
34 km of other buses (21 miles)into Port-au-
Prince of the village
When a collapsed bridge stopped their bus somewhere on the way, Preville, Vincent and Green decided to walk home.
The details of what happened next are not clear.
Police have arrested a man and two women suspected of being accomplices to the crime.
Mario Joseph, a lawyer representing the family of the deceased, said the suspect told police that they believed the women to be \"loups\"
Supernatural characters in Haitian folk culture.
The lynching of the man accused of loups
After a magnitude 2010 earthquake killed about 220,000 people, garous became frequent.
Counsel Joseph said that some locals believe there is a more flat reason for the killing of these women because a defendant is called preville.
The case is under investigation and no one is charged with murder.
In some ways, the killings have brought the Levek family closer.
Many residents\' movements
After the tragedy, the printed shirt has a hand card that expresses \"love\" in Creole.
But even months after the incident, murder remains a major topic in this sleeping colony and among the deaf in the nearby town.
At leffkui, the house in pwell is an unforgettable reminder of her departure.
The door was tightly closed, with cobwebs hanging on the wall and weeds in the garden.
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