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world cancer day: survivor launches range of ‘positive affirmation’ t-shirts to raise money for charity

by:QiMeng     2019-09-17
BBC correspondent Lauren Ma Hong
You, me, and the podcast host of big C have launched a new series of T-
Shirts that help raise money for cancer charities.
In the UK, one out of every eight women each year is diagnosed with breast cancer, a disease that has affected the lives of many people, including the life of blogger Mahon.
2016, now 32-year-
The old man, diagnosed with a cancer lump on her right breast, began recording her journey under the label girlvscancer on her blog and Instagram.
GirlvsCancer threeranges then launched T-
Shirts dedicated to breast cancer patients and survivors.
GirlvsCancer continues to build on the success of previous releases, announcing its latest T-
Shirt on Instagram
\"The new GIRLvsCANCER series is now on line,\" the title reads . \".
\"Today is World Cancer Day.
Affect the day of change.
This is GIRLvsCANCER with three new T-shirts.
Designed by artists and peers
Blogger Vickie, the so-called new T-
Each shirt is printed with positive affirmation and tongue --
In the cheek head rhyme, it includes \"keep calm\", \"Hope is a drug\" and \"as intense as F \".
Like the previous press conference, T-
Four charities-Coppafeel-will send shirts on average!
Trekstock, the dream of the future, looks better to make sure they continue to fight cancer taboos.
However, the \"stay calm\" version will award its sales to Paxman Scalp cooling tissue, which has developed a treatment to prevent hair loss caused by certain chemotherapy drugs
Mahon decided to donate this particular T-
A charity shirt to honor her podcast co-
Host Rachel Brand died of breast cancer on September 2018 at the age of 40.
\"This special edition style will provide more and more funding for Rach\'s choice.
Mahon wrote on Instagram that @ ScalpCooling\'s vanguard gang.
\"The FDA-approved cold cap system for Paxman is the main one.
During the months of chemotherapy, it saved the mane of Rach.
It also saves 100,000 of hair. ”The T-
The shirts launched today are designed to match World Cancer Day and can be purchased from girls for £ 28 per piece.
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