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xi takes china’s summit style abroad with sea of red polo shirts

by:QiMeng     2019-09-08
China has a unique style at the International Summit: well-prepared, well-written scripts and a lot of security.
As President Xi Jinping flies to Argentina to attend the g20 summit, this approach is everywhere in the streets of Argentina.
More than six hours before Xi\'s scheduled arrival, volunteer airport welcome--
The man in line on his way to his hotel-
Wear the same red polo shirt in the Chinatown area of the city.
A souvenir shop owner surnamed Ling said they were organized by the Chinese embassy.
These patriotic displays have long become increasingly prominent in Beijing, as Xi has used his iconic Belt and Road Initiative to spread Chinese cash around the world.
The Chinese leader is eager to show power ahead of a landmark meeting with the United StatesS.
President Donald Trump said on Saturday that, particularly as China\'s economy slows, stock market turmoil and trade tensions could turn into a new Cold War.
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Xi Jinping\'s dinner provides an opportunity to avoid a deeper dilemma in the United States. S. -
However, the existence of China does not always contribute to the cause of Xi Jinping. At the Asia-
At the Pacific Economic Cooperation (apec) summit in Papua New Guinea this month, the Red Flag-hung Boulevard seems to only exacerbate concerns among small economies about China.
G-Point in Madrid
Month, happy mood.
Outside the Chinese embassy, about 900 volunteers distributed the same Chinese and Argentine flags from cartons.
Bald people struggled to piece together long red banners that read \"Welcome to President Xi \".
\"People wander up and down, looking for which of the 20 assembled buses.
\"This is the first time I have done such a thing.
I really don\'t know what I\'m doing, but it\'s funny, \"said Liu, 25. year-
Old staff of a state in China
His boss asked him to help organize volunteers at the embassy.
\"No one listened to what I said,\" said Liu, who did not give his full name.
\"It\'s not easy to do this.
The volunteers were organized by the local Chinese Chamber of Commerce at the request of the embassy.
Zhou Yongyong, vice president of the overseas Chinese industry association of Argentina, said his chamber of commerce and other representative businessmen from Fujian and Zhejiang coastal provinces, as well as imports-Export industry.
Zhou said he had high hopes for the summit.
\"We all like President Xi very much,\" he said . \" He added that he mainly obtains news about China\'s development from the domestic news media.
\"Of course, what we know is limited, but according to the news I have read, China seems to be growing very fast.
A man with glasses who has lived in Argentina for 10 years, Zhou Xiaochuan hopes that President Xi can bring gifts to overseas Chinese.
\"The economy here is terrible,\" he said . \"
\"It would be great if he could make it easier for the renminbi to be exchanged into Argentine pesos.
So we don\'t have to worry too much about the dollar.
He was arranged to cheer outside the Xi\'an Hotel. Pre-
Spontaneous planning is the main part of China\'s diplomacy.
Before the Belt and Road Forum in Beijing last year, the armed police of the Chinese people and the grandmother volunteers with red armbands worked together to make Beijing look neat and tidy.
Like the past 2008 Olympic Games and the 2015 China Victory Day parade, China has not given any chance.
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China\'s approach dates back decades.
According to the memoirs of former Chinese diplomat Zhang Hanzhi, during Richard Nixon\'s historic 1972 visit to China, Shanghai residents were told not to wash dirty clothes in public. U. S.
Reporters on the same visit noticed that pedestrians walking outside the hotel passed through a loop, just like in the movie Truman Show.
Zhuang, 32, said: \"Last night, the traffic was blocked and the driver was swearing at the President of Argentina. year-
When I was a teenager, I moved to an old man in Argentina.
\"This is impossible in China.
The whole city will be blocked and no one can do anything. That’s China.
Xi\'s visit is a truly proud moment for some volunteers.
\"We can feel their growing respect for us,\" said a Fujian businessman who has lived in Argentina for six years. His name is Yao Ming, referring to the locals in Argentina. “I feel proud --all of us do.
Our country is strong now.
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