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young humanitarians, families among canadians killed in ethiopian airlines crash

by:QiMeng     2019-10-10
Environmental activists, aid delegates, charity workers, human rights advocates, doctors
Many of those killed on Flight 302 were Humanists from around the world.
Of the 18 Canadians killed, 4 were
Three volunteers and a staff member
Working for the United Nations Association in Canada (UNAC)—an Ottawa-
Groups based on global awareness and multilateral promotion.
Danielle Moore, 24, is a marine biology student from Winnipeg;
Micah message, an environmental activist from B CourtenayC.
The Canadian Wildlife Federation\'s protectionist Angela leehorn was selected to attend the fourth session of the United Nations Environmental Assembly in Nairobi.
Stephanie Lacroix, a staff member, also joined them.
In his Instagram post, Mason said he appreciated \"the opportunity to meet with other passionate youth and leaders from around the world to explore how we can address the biggest challenges facing our generation.
\"In most United Nations meetings, civil society groups have the opportunity to participate, and it is in this capacity that four of our young people travel to Nairobi, UN News Center spokesman Joan Broughton told the national mail
\"These people are just young people who start life-long adventures.
Broughton said the three were chosen because they were doing community services at home and because they were interested in global affairs.
They all participated in the Service Canada team, a federal initiative launched last year to encourage Canadian youth to volunteer and develop leadership skills.
Kate White, UNAC\'s CEO, said the four will be remembered for their \"compassion, leadership and dedication to making the world a better place.
Six Ontario family members, including two teenage sisters, were among the Canadian killed.
The Peel District School Board said the girls, ashka and Annushka Dieter, crashed on Sunday as soon as the plane crashed after taking off from the Egyptian capital, yadiba, at that time, the plane was taken with parents and grandparents.
All 157 people were killed on board.
The victims of the accident came from who, a charity and welfare organization.
Concern, International Commission for national development, Catholic Relief Services, save children, African tremira, Italian humanitarian agency, International Organization for Migration, civil rights defenders, Norwegian Refugee Council and Norwegian Red Cross.
The 157 victims represent more than 30 countries, proving how international the route has become between two major cities in East Africa.
As the seat of the African Union, Adis Baba is known as the political capital of the region, while the vibrant Nairobi is the capital of commerce.
Both countries have regional headquarters of several international agencies and a large number of expats.
Addiba is home to the United Nations Economic Commission in Africa, while the regional headquarters of the World Food Programme, UNHCR and UNICEF, its children\'s agency, are located in Nairobi.
The United Nations is the most difficult
Many of the 21 UN staff members on board traveled to Nairobi to attend the UN Environment Conference, which opened on Monday with the flag-
The staff observed a minute of silence for the victims.
According to the New York Times, the airline\'s flights are even nicknamed the \"United Nations shuttle\" because United Nations staff often ride.
UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said on Monday: \"a global tragedy is happening at home and the UN is in grief . \". “(The victims)
Everyone has one thing in common.
A spirit that serves the people of the world and makes it a better place for all of us.
Kenya suffered the most in the countries represented and lost 32 citizens.
Airlines in Ethiopia, China and Indonesia stopped flying the Boeing 737 Max 8 on Monday, the second devastating crash of one of them in five months.
The crash was similar to the same model of a lion jet that took place in Indonesian waters last year, killing 189 people.
But Boeing says it has no reason to pull the popular plane out of the air.
Air Canada has 24 Boeing 737 Max 8 aircraft, including Vancouver to Montreal and Calgary to Vancouver.
WestJet operates 13.
Neither airline plans to stop the plane.
On Monday, mourning for Canadian victims began, including a mother and daughter from Edmonton, a famous professor at Carlton University and an accountant in Calgary.
Mohammed Hassan Ali said that his sister, Amina Ibrahim odova, and her five childrenyear-
There was a daughter on board, Sophia Faisal Abdul Kadir. “(She was)
A very nice person, very outgoing and very friendly.
He said his sister lives in Edmonton and is visiting relatives in Kenya.
Carleton University confirmed that Pius addemi, professor of English language and literature at Carleton University and the African Institute, was also killed in the accident. Benoit-
Antoine Bacon, principal and vice president of the school
The prime minister described him as a \"global thinker\" and an \"outstanding figure in Africa and post-Africa \".
Colonial scholarship
Gladys kivia, a domestic violence consultant at the Women\'s emergency shelter in Calgary, said her husband, Derek luwuji, was also one of the victims.
Kivia said the accountants working for the city left three children, aged 17, 19 and 20, respectively.
The couple have been in Calgary for 12 years and Lwugi has traveled to Kenya to visit their parents.
Prime Minister Trudeau said he was \"deeply saddened\" by the crash \".
\"Sophie and I, on behalf of all Canadians, express our heartfelt condolences to those who lost their families, friends and loved ones due to this tragedy,\" he said in a statement . \".
\"We are providing consular assistance and working closely with the authorities to gather more information.
Together with the international community, we mourn the loss of so many people, including those who lost their citizens in this devastating crash.
\"It is not clear what caused the plane to crash in sunny weather six minutes after leaving Bole airport.
The airline\'s CEO said the Esse pilot had sent out a distress call and had been given permission to return to the airport.
Witnesses to the crash told The Associated Press that smoke came from the back of the plane before it hit the ground.
\"Before the fall, the plane rotated twice in the air, and then it had some smoke coming out of the back, hitting the ground and exploding,\" Tamrat Abera said . \".
\"When I arrived at the scene with the villagers, there was nothing but some burning and meat.
Investigators have found two flight recorders for the plane.
However, an airline official said one of the recorders was partially damaged, \"and we will see what can be retrieved from it.
What was left on the plane was heartbreaking: a shabby passport.
A torn book
Business cards in multiple languages.
On Monday, searchers wearing white gloves and canvas shoes walked through the debris scattered on flight 302 The next day, carefully lifting 157 lives from the scorched soil.
This tattered book, whose pages are burnt, seems to be about macroeconomics, and whose passages are highlighted by a careful reader of yellow and pink.
There is a broken keyboard.
And jokingly print T-shirts.
There was even a stranger who answered the phone and then was silent. —
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