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by:QiMeng     2019-09-12
One day your child may be famous enough to deserve his or her own stamp ---but why wait?
The brave website will take photos of your child on a bunch of new stamps and produce as many as possible (or as few)as you like. Self-
Thanks to Zazzle\'s crazy printer, the expression was instantly satisfied.
In just two years, Zazzle has become a popular store in Palo Alto, California.
There are two bustling Silicon Valley warehouses.
It has mastered the use of the Web for rapid production
Turn around, custom stamps, T-shirts, posters, cards and other items.
Since the launch of the website in July, sales have tripled, and Zazzle expects revenue to reach $20 million this year.
Every week in a warehouse in Menlo Park, California.
About 10,000 stamps, tens of thousands of posters and 20,000 T-shirts-
Almost every shirt is unique and different from all the other shirts ---
Roll out a printing press that shines fresh printed images of cute kids, Disney characters, scenic photos, and catchy label lines (
The chest wrote: \"Not everything is flat in Lubbock
One root).
\"We are creating a new way of expression for people,\" Jeff J . \"
26-year-old beaver founded the company in 1999 with his 27-year-old brother Bobby and 59-year-old father Robert, chief executive.
\"Digital Content exploded online and we \'ve figured out how to monetize it,\" the father said, a senior entrepreneur who was in charge of his son while he was working on the site.
The Beavers began by piecing together a printing factory in a converted garage in Palo Alto.
Their first ink formula was to stick the ink to cotton with a special enzyme.
Even after the wash, they were very brightly colored until the beaver tried a new tide detergent powder.
After just one cycle, the image disappears.
With a new recipe, they built a combination of software and hardware to shoot the ink directly onto the fabric and then seal it with 400 degrees of heat at 100 pounds pressure per square inch.
Zazzle deleted most printsshop drawbacks--
There is no minimum order quantity, no \"setup\" fee for T-shirt design is prepared;
The turnaround time is less than a day, not a week or more.
The user completes all the design work and is happy to pay extra for it.
Zazzle has a gross profit margin of 70% on printed products, a gross profit margin of 50% on clothing, and a gross profit margin of 20% on stamps.
It has little inventory, restocking clothing and paper many times a day.
John dole of Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers said: \"I am in love with the fact that they have turned the situation so quickly and that the return does not exist ; \";
It and investor Ram Shriram have agreed to inject $16 million into Zazzle.
\"The network is getting more personalized and fragmented, and Zazzle takes advantage of that,\" Doerr said . \".
Disney initially authorized 1,000 of its most popular images, including Mickey Mouse, but Zazzle soon asked for all 4,000.
Since its launch in early 2004, each company has sold at least once.
\"It\'s great,\" said Patrick Harry, director of shopping development at Disney . \".
\"A retailer won\'t buy thousands of gooey shirts\" because a lonely dwarf won\'t cause enough demand, but Zazzle handles it quite simply.
\"This market didn\'t exist for us before,\" he said . \"
Customers can modify their work online as quickly and easily as they can on desktop software, because Zazzle uses the Web software toolkit known as Ajax. Ajax (
Geek shorthand for asynchronous JavaScript and XML, which is itself an abbreviation for Extensible Markup Language)
Pre-load Web content so that users can change text, crop and move pictures, and add colorful borders without waiting for the page to reload.
Zazzle declined 5% of the order and one reviewer reviewed content that violated copyright and advocacy rights.
There are a dozen restrictions on custom stamps, banning celebrity avatars, advertisements, or political rhetoric. One eagle-
The eyes were in a well-proportioned picture of an unknown woman, taking a tampered image of the head of the rock singer Eddie van Harun\'s ex-girlfriend.
A considerable hurdle for Zazzle is the main competitor, CafePress, which claims to be years ahead in terms of efficiency.
When Zazzle hit the slogan \"the biggest online market for custom products\" on its home page, CafePress sent a stop letter.
Zazzle canceled the claim.
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